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Hilton Head Island and Our Dog-Friendly Beaches

Hilton Head Island and Our Dog-Friendly Beaches

HHI sunset walk with dog
Loving the dog-friendly HHI beaches
and beautiful sunsets

We call it “Dog Days at the beach” in my family.  It’s that time of the year on Hilton Head Island when the locals and their dogs, can get out and freely roam our pristine beaches. 

It’s great when it’s February, sunny and beach weather!  Here’s my story from February just a while back…

My family went for a walk at the Folly Field beach on Hilton Head Island today after lunch and everyone was out enjoying the perfect 70 degrees weather and getting a good dose of Serotonin- and so were their dogs! I talked with quite a few people on the beach as I walked past about where they lived and their dogs.  Most said that they lived on Hilton Head Island or in Bluffton.  A couple people moved here recently and considered enjoying the beaches with their dogs an important reason that they moved here instead of Florida. I hear that often and for good reason.

Most folks were walking the beach with their dogs by their side stopping occasionally to talk with other dog owners, many throwing toys into the surf for the dogs to romp in and out after, and others simply were sunbathing and talking. A few dogs were out swimming without a care in the world!

Man walking his dogs HHI beach
Playing catch on the beach – happy times!
The Good Life
This happy family moved from NY and enjoy February fun at Folly Field beach

Truffles, Rascal, Lilly and Rambo are rescue dogs and live on HHI.  The dogs and their owners moved down from New York to live about one year ago. They were specifically looking for a beach where they could ALL have fun. They found their dream home faster than they found a restaurant for dinner that day they said!

Nowhere but HHI!

We have a great time year-round weather and plenty of open space on HHI beaches.  Hanging out with family, making new friends and having fun with our dogs is what it’s all about!  The beaches are clean, spacious and fun for people and our best friends!

If dogs could write a blog, HHI dogs would write about adventures on the beach and sitting table side at some of the dog-friendly restaurants listening to live music and lazy days hanging around coffee shops.

No place better to soak up the sunshine than HHI!
No place better if you love your dogs and love the beach than HHI! Year-round fun for all!

Rules for dogs on the beach can vary beach to beach for Hilton Head Island beaches

Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day: dogs are not permitted between 10 AM and 5 PM. April 1 – Thursday before Memorial Day, and Tuesday after Labor Day – September 30: Dogs must be on a leash between 10 AM and 5 PM.

Dogs must be on leash or under positive voice control at all other times. Persons in control of animals on the beach are required to remove and properly dispose of the animal’s excrement. It is illegal to allow pets to chase or harass wildlife.

Time for a run on the beach
Going for a brisk run in the HHI sun
Dog Days on HHI
Jessica and Ace Soaking in the sun
Clean up is easy when you're a beach dog
Ace finishes with a beach quick shower

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